Creed (2015) ☆ ☆ ☆

Like The Force Awakens, Creed is the seventh entry in a franchise that stretches back to the 1970s.  Actually, the Rocky saga is one year older, having begun in 1976.  And while this may sound like blasphemy considering how beloved the Star Wars adventures have […]

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Krampus (2015) ☆ 1/2

Every holiday has a dark side and Christmas is no exception.  German and Austrian legends hold that “Krampus” lurks about, ready to punish naughty children.  Now there is a film about this particular Grinch, and while it has some areas […]

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Breaking Away (1979)

by Barb Lentz.   The five movies Bob provided me from which to choose were these: Breaking Away  (1979) Johnny Belinda  (1948) Moonlighting  (1982) This Could Be the Night  (1957) Village of the Damned  (1960)   I chose Breaking Away because […]

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