Snatched (2017) ☆ ☆

Give comedienne-actress Amy Schumer some credit for making a buddy comedy involving a woman and her mother, and for casting Goldie Hawn, bringing her back to the big screen after a fifteen-year absence.  Goldie looks great and is clearly having a lot of fun arguing with and fussing over make-believe daughter Schumer.  That said, however, Snatched is not a good movie.

Jonathan Levine’s film finds shiftless Emily Middleton (Schumer) with non-refundable tickets to Ecuador, so she takes her mother Linda (Hawn).  Unwise decisions lead to mother and daughter being kidnapped, fighting their way free, and scampering through Ecuadorian jungles, pursued by the kidnappers.  The film unevenly mixes comedy, drama and adventure, with not enough comedy, too much drama and disappointing adventure.

The mother – daughter relationship works pretty well, but it unfolds by-the-numbers and with less charm than I expected.  Comic moments are few; the best laugh is provided by nimble Joan Cusack!  The subplot involving the other Middleton grown child, Jeffrey (Ike Barinholtz) is painful rather than amusing, and events are surprisingly violent during the kidnapping and escapes.  In short, this is all over the map in terms of tone, seriousness and enjoyability.

Despite the return of Goldie and needless nudity from Schumer this movie is a disappointment.  Its drama is contrived while its comedy isn’t outrageous enough to take it into a “black comedy” realm where it might have worked.  Thankfully, it’s only ninety minutes long, which isn’t too much time to spend in the jungle with two bubbly blondes.  ☆ ☆.  3 June 2017.

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