Meet Psychdoc77

Psychdoc77 is a cinephile in Chicago, IL.  His interest in film dates to childhood and a long-closed video store named Video Vault which, in 1987, seemed to have every movie ever made.  In particular, it had all the James Bond […]

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Prozac Nation (2001) ☆ ☆

Prozac Nation, based on Elizabeth Wurtzel’s bestselling memoir of depression during college, details a Harvard student’s experience of depression.  Christina Ricci stars as Wurtzel, a writer who almost immediately becomes known for her music journalism when she starts college.  She […]

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Halloween II (2009) ☆

Halloween II is Rob Zombie’s sequel to his own remake of John Carpenter’s original Halloween.  This version largely leaves Carpenter’s storyline behind and sees Michael Myers resurrected by his mother and a white horse after an ambulance accident.  Two years […]

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